Participation conditions

1. Organiser

The organiser for the prize draw is asecos GmbH, Weiherfeldsiedlung 16–18 at 63584 Gründau.

2. Participants

Any natural person from a given company has the right to participate, where the company itself has the right to participate, and the person in question is 18 years of age or older. This person participates in the prize draw in the name of the company. By participating in the prize draw, the acting person declares that they have permission to participate and to receive a prize.

Dependent entities or persons affiliated with the organiser itself, as well as any subsidiaries, parent companies or sister companies, are not permitted to participate. Affiliated persons include those who share a common household or live in a similar cohabitation situation.

Participation through prize draw agents or any other third parties, who sign up the participant to an array of different prize draw events, is expressly forbidden.

3. Total length and scope of the prize draw

The entire prize draw starts on 03/04/2018, at 00:00 (CET) and ends on 31/03/2020, at 23:59 (CET). This prize draw is defined by a draw of one prize for each individual month, with the exception of April 2019, when two prizes shall be drawn.

4. Eligibility to participate

In order to participate in the prize draw, the participant must fill out the participation form on over the course of the corresponding prize-draw month, and submit this form before the deadline. The following information must be provided when filling out the participation form:

Full name and legal structure of the company; first name and surname of the eligible participant; the complete and correct company address; e-mail address and telephone number of the eligible participant, to be used exclusively for informing of a win in the prize drawn.

For each prize draw month, a new, correctly filled-out participation form must be sent off before the deadline stipulated for the corresponding prize draw month. A form is considered as being received before the deadline where data are transferred by clicking on the “send” button on the participation form within the form acceptance times. An electronically logged receipt of participation forms is used to define acceptance before the deadline, or otherwise. Forms not received before the deadline shall be excluded from participation in the corresponding month’s prize draw, but this shall not affect the following month’s draw. No confirmation shall be given of acceptance or rejection of participation forms.

Participation forms received for the month of April 2018 shall be accepted from the third day of the month of April at 00:00 (CET) up until 23:59 (CET) of the last day of the month. For all subsequent months, the participation forms shall be accepted within the time period from the first day of the prize draw month for that corresponding draw month, from 00:00 (CET) up until 23:59 (CET) of the last day of the prize draw month for that corresponding drawn month.

5. Wins, determination of the winner and informing the winner

An overview of the prizes offered for each corresponding prize draw month can be found at, as well as in the asecos catalogue and in the prize draw’s accompanying documents.

The prizes offered shall be won in the name of, and for the company of the eligible participant. Participants shall have no legal right to claim prizes for personal use.

All images and text used to represent prizes are for illustration purposes only and are not a guarantee of the actual prize to be offered. In the case of the prize as described not being available, the organiser shall ensure that an equivalent replacement prize be awarded. Neither transfer of prizes to third parties nor cash awards shall be permitted.

The winner shall be determined using an at-random lottery-type procedure. The selection of the winner shall be carried out under internal supervision. The winner shall be informed of the win promptly after selection.

Winners shall be informed in the first place by post, e-mail, or telephone. The winner must declare an acceptance of the win within a period of 30 days from notice of the win being awarded. This declaration may be given using the same means of communication as the organiser used to notify of the win itself.

In the event of an unsuccessful notification of a win, the organiser shall not be required to pursue further endeavours in order to inform the winner of the win. Any claims to the win shall become invalid immediately where the winner declares a renunciation of the win, or where the acceptance of the win is not declared within a period of 30 days of an attempted notification of the win, in the event such notification is unsuccessful. In such case, the win may be transferred to other participants.

6. Transfer of prizes, data protection and advertising

Each prize shall be transferred on agreement with the relevant winner. Shipping of the prize shall be considered equivalent to transferring of the prize. Where the prize is shipped, this shall be carried out by the most simple means, at the reasonable discretion of the organiser.

Personal data shall by used exclusively for carrying out the prize draw. Data transfer to third parties shall not occur, unless this is necessary for the prize draw to be carried out or for prizes to be transferred to winners. Once the prize draw has been concluded, data shall only be stored to the extent that is required by law and for the function of meeting legal requirements regarding their storage.

In the event of a win, the participating winner shall expressly agree to the publishing of his/her first name and anonymised surname, in addition to the relevant company name.

7. Disclaimer and conclusion of the prize draw

The organiser shall not be liable for any data losses or erroneous transfer of data, or for any unauthorised access by third parties beyond the control of the organiser. The organiser expressly reserves the right to terminate the prize draw without prior notice or justification of such termination. This shall particularly apply for grounds which might adversely affect or prevent the planned implementation of the prize draw.

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